3 (approx) interesting projects, new or old, found (approx) this week.

1. (author)rise (2018)

Start writing on a whiteboard. A text recognition system recognises what you are writing and using a neural network system completes the sentence for you and, using a magnet under the whiteboard, actually moves the pen to continue the sentence as you keep holding the pen.


2. Cowly Owl relaunch as a company for collaborative games (2018)

Whilst you could sit next to your child when they were playing with my apps, they were designed as single player experiences, so often it would be difficult to join in. Recently my own children have reached the video game playing age. I have been rediscovering the fun from my childhood, of playing and exploring these worlds together.

I love this and I think it’s important. I wish more tech had the same attitude, so that in 10 years we won’t find ourselves in flashy bubbles of AR and VR, alone.


3. Evolving Floorplans (2018)

Evolving Floor Plans is an experimental research project exploring speculative, optimized floor plan layouts. The rooms and expected flow of people are given to a genetic algorithm which attempts to optimize the layout to minimize walking time, the use of hallways, etc.

I’m very much into genetic algorithms at the moment.