3 (approx) interesting projects, new or old, found (approx) this week.

1. Itty bitty

A website in a url. No server, no hosting. The map is the territory. The medium is the message. The address is the house. Neat.


2. Painted Earth

Studio Moniker’s last project. Use your phone and geolocation to draw as you walk. Nice thing, as in all of their projects, it’s a website, not an app.


3. Living with Bots (2015)

Very nice interaction design concept. A smart home device made of a number of single-task bots, interacting with the people at home and with each other.

The group dynamics that arises from the bots placed in the main unit changes the relationship we have with might have with technology to something alike having a group of pets: never entirely predictable but always succeeding or failing with the best of intents.