I recently became interested in Solarpunk. As an informal, bottom-up movement, different groups interpret Solarpunk in different ways and there are plenty of texts online, each giving a different view of what Solarpunk is. Yet, I didn’t find one definition that satisfied me completely.

So, borrowing from my favorite texts, here is my attempt to describe what Solarpunk is, focussing on the aspects of Solarpunk that I find most exciting. It’s a long sentence, and there’s barely any punctuation. But it does it for me. Here it is.

Solarpunk is a social and creative movement that proposes a vision of the world where we solved the environmental and social issues of our times through technological solutions that are in harmony with people and nature and a way of living that focuses on communities, conscious consumption and DIY.

A Solarpunk Manifesto - The Solarpunk Community (hosted on www.re-des.org)

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